Kurt Schaefer

Whose side is he on?

Kurt Schaefer has used his position in the State senate to benefit his law firm's clients, including supporting a bill that would allow Chinese companies to buy up hundreds of thousands of acres of Missouri farmland.1

Schaefer voted for his client's bill that allowed the Chinese company to own farmland in Missouri.2 And then when he was running for Attorney General he voted again to change the law to make it easier for the Chinese company to buy more land if they want to in the future.3 The Company subsequently contributed $30,000 to Schaefer's Attorney General campaign.4

This legislation prompted the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to ask, Is Missouri's agricultural law being rewritten in Hong Kong?"

The Missouri Farm Bureau also opposed the legislation! Read why here.

Kurt Schaefer in his own words – "I am a very moderate candidate."

Kurt Schaefer: a self-professed moderate

Yes, Kurt we know... Your record is a dead giveaway:

On Taxes?

Senator Kurt Schaefer supported a $450 million tax increase that was opposed by small businesses across the state.

On Spending?

Senator Kurt Schaefer voted in favor of accepting millions of dollars of President Obama's federal stimulus funds, which have ballooned the federal deficit.6

As Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Kurt Schaefer allowed the state to provide $96 million dollars in funding to the Rams stadium, which the team abandoned before it was fully paid for.7

Schaefer also supported a nearly $1 billion bond deal to put taxpayers on the hook for the cost of a new building for state bureaucrats.

Share Our Values?

Kurt Schaefer was the only Republican in the State Senate who voted against a bill protecting businesses with religious beliefs opposed to abortion, contraception or sterilization from having to provide insurance or pay for those services, voting no on both the third reading vote and the override.8

Kurt Schaefer supports stem cell research, including a controversial research method that allows scientists to create cloned embryos in a laboratory.

Maybe Kurt isn't a self-described moderate Republican - maybe he is still the liberal Democrat he used to be when he was an attorney for Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and sought a judicial nomination from the 13th Circuit Democratic Committee?

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